Power Roll has developed a new way to generate and store energy


Power Roll has reinvented solar to generate energy anywhere and everywhere, using any surface

The lowest
cost power
Our flexible solar film
is capable of producing ultra-low cost electricity. At $0.03/Watt to manufacture, it's much cheaper than existing flexible PV solutions and delivers the lowest levelised energy cost of any solar technology.
Scalable and sustainable
Using lightweight, flexible film
massively expands the use of solar for existing applications and enables brand new possibilities. Our technology uses no rare earth materials and is recyclable.
We create microgrooves
smaller than a human hair, in a 0.1mm thick flexible film. Using different active materials and groove patterns enables a huge range of new solar and energy storage applications.

We achieve the lowest cost of energy by using widely available materials and eliminating complex manufacturing steps. Our solar film requires far less energy to make, which results in a carbon footprint that’s 20x lower than silicon PV.

The film is lightweight and flexible making it 45% cheaper to install than silicon PV.


Capacitors are ubiquitous passive electronic components used across virtually all electrical product markets.

Our capacitors are cost-effective to manufacture and offer an enhanced lifetime compared with traditional wet electrolytic components. Using flexible film enables the use of innovative shapes to address form factor constraints.

Energy storage

By storing the energy that we generate, we enable more renewables to be deployed on the grid. New solutions for energy storage will result in flexible energy systems that can more easily balance supply and demand.

By applying different active materials to our microgroove technology we have the potential to create energy storage solutions with a range of discharge times. We are actively seeking partners to explore this potential.

market potential

Our mission is to dramatically increase the worldwide uptake of solar power.

Today's solar technologies are either too expensive to deploy or their rigidity and weight makes them unsuitable for the job. Our low-cost, flexible and lightweight solar film enables the use for renewables for a host of brand new applications.

Power Roll solar film will power more homes and businesses than ever before. It's suitable for nonload-bearing rooftops, building integration, transport, portable applications, off-grid projects and it can even power Internet of Things sensors.

By deploying different active materials, a wide range

of other applications are possible.

Multiple global
Solar Film
Power Roll
20x cheaper than existing flexible pv
World Leading power density
Ultra lightweight and flexible
Enhanced technical performance
Integrates into existing manufacturing lines

Motion activators

Array antennas

Flexible lighting

Remote Sensors

Smart packaging

Security tags

Super Capacitors

Signature Control


Power Roll’s microgroove technology platform enables a wide range of applications.
Solar energy
Market size
Market value forecast by 2026, according to Allied Market Research.
Market size
Forecast for global electric capacitor market by 2023, according to Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence LLP
Energy storage
Market size
Forecast for total energy storage market by 2035, according to Lux Research.
Changing lives
The availability of cheap, clean, portable and off-grid electricity generation has the power to change the lives of millions of people for good
For some, electricity also means clean water. Power Roll is piloting the use of solar film to pump water in Himalayan villages.
840 million people
World-class partners

There is global interest in using solar cells to generate low carbon, green electricity.  The design of the back contacted solar module is both innovative and elegant and can potentially capture more of the available light within the device.



Prof. David Lidzey University of Sheffield

University ofSheffield.png
Insight / News

23 June 2021

Power Roll Solar Film featured in inews.co.uk

“It’s difficult to imagine an energy future that isn’t dominated by innovative solar technologies, with the backbone provided by rooftop systems, and this new British solar film could be a big step in that direction,” said Dr Doug Parr, chief scientist for Greenpeace UK.

Neil Spann

Managing Director

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