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In just one hour, enough sunlight hits the earth to power the whole world for a year.

Power Roll Pioneering Solar

So why isn’t solar everywhere?
Our thoughts exactly.

Power Roll arch

We need to generate more solar energy. On more surfaces. In more places. 

That's why we're tackling the limitations of current technology head on.

1. Where you can put it
2. What it costs
3. The rare earth materials used to make it



It's solar, but not as you know it.

We’re building the next generation of solar PV modules. 

Our patented solar film combines thousands of mighty Microgrooves with Perovskites – an abundant mineral and the perfect partner for solar absorption.

This unique combination means we can create lightweight, flexible solar modules that don't use rare earth materials and are produced using cost-efficient processes.

We’re currently gearing up for commercial production in the UK, with plans for global roll-out to follow.


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