Power Roll Ltd Awarded Energy Catalyst 5 Project

Power Roll are delighted to have been awarded a £700k grant from Innovate UK to fund development and demonstration of its unique ultra-low cost, scalable solar PV technology in off-grid locations in Africa and India.  Power Roll are working with expert sub-contractors and three partners to support the demonstrators across several test sites in these markets: The Energy and Resources Institute, India (TERI); Unilever; and Newcastle University.

The project is focused on the development and demonstration of various system applications that address the energy needs of rural off-grid communities in the Sub Saharan African, Indian and SE Asia.  In the first year several demonstration sites across India and Africa and commercial applications, such as solar pumping for agricultural irrigation will be developed.  In year two, the Power Roll PV technology will then be deployed into the various applications and test sites allowing field data to be collected including system performance and end user benefits.