Announcing the launch of Deki Power Roll Pvt Ltd.

A new joint-venture offering Asian markets a world-class, innovative range of energy storage devices.

Power Roll Limited, UK, has developed its highly innovative proprietary energy storage and energy generation technologies with significant benefits and advantages over existing technologies.

The key to the Power Roll solution is a pattern of micro-grooves built into the surface of a film offering an exponentially large area to deposit photovoltaic ink, creating a disruptively cheap source of solar power generation on a flexible film. These grooves can also be filled with a dielectric in order to enable the storage of electrical charge, resulting in a robust capacitor, a super capacitor or even devices that can store more energy than a battery. A combination of these two applications of the micro-groove architecture can provide solar power generation on one surface of a flexible film and energy storage on the other.

Power Roll and Deki Electronics in India have now come together in a joint-venture in order to offer certain Asian markets this world class, innovative range of energy storage devices. Deki Power Roll Pvt Ltd will have the first manufacturing facility based at Noida, near New Delhi. The joint-venture will initially manufacture capacitors with market leading characteristics for use in power supply units, motor start units, white goods and many other applications.

Both Power Roll and Deki are excited about the prospects and the coming together of the two teams to enable the development, manufacturing and marketing of this creative application of science. It is envisaged that customers will begin to experience these innovative devices by early 2020.

Power Roll Present at Rushlight Summer Showcase

Neil Spann, Managing Director of Power Roll Ltd, attended and presented at The Rushlight Summer Showcase which was held in London on 20th June. This event brings together over 250 cleantech developers and sustainable solution providers as well as active European investors & financiers, corporate venturers, government departments, business partners, consultants, intermediaries, advisers and businesses looking to source suppliers and partners for an improved level of sustainability in their supply chain and operations. 

As well as the conference where Neil presented Power Roll’s cutting edge disruptive energy technologies, there was also an exhibition of over 60 of the latest innovations in cleantech, including the Innovate UK Materials & Advanced Manufacturing, Clean Growth, Innovation Loans, Faraday Battery and Automotive Showcase.